Wish Upon a Hero

I spoke to a lovely dedicated lady yesterday whose husband has a severe brain injury and she has been working for this organization for a couple years now: https://www.wishuponaherofoundation.org/  These folks have a great concept and one that we can all learn from.  Take a look, as they raise money in their community for their community and all the while hiring a veteran to do the fund raising that supports him or her.    Thanks Christina!

We’re heading out of town today and will be talking to some veterans in South Florida this week while also trying to do a little fishing with our grandson and shopping with our granddaughter.  Lord help me be able to afford that adventure as we will be bringing along a couple professionals; my wife and daughter!

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2 Responses to Wish Upon a Hero

  1. Thanks Mike for the mention in your blog. We need individuals, corporations and Heroes to make this program work.

    We are hiring Veterans to be H.E.R.O. Team Leaders, they will need the assistance of everyone in their community to be HERO Volunteers.

    Corporations can help by funding their local HERO Team. It takes $20,000 to launch a team and $50,000 – $70,000 annually to keep the team running. These funds are used to pay the Team Leaders Salary, administrative costs and funds for the Team Leader to grant wishes in their community.

    Be a HERO! Go to http://www.heroresponseteam.com sign up to be a volunteer or to sponsor a team.

    Help us to put Veterans to work and to bring back community spirit in every community in America!

    Feel free to contact me at christina@wishuponahero.com

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