Calling Our Buddy

When Sue and I saw Tom Brokaw’s “The Road Back”, we knew that Charles needed a job and it was our turn to give something back for all we have enjoyed on the backs of these kids.  As soon as we wiped the tears from our eyes, Sue said: “That’s Our Guy, but we’ll never get him.”  She thought that all the folks who watched the program would be making him job offers.

I headed down to the computer, searched his name and Sparta Wisconsin and voila’.  I called him within a few minutes of the program ending and left him a message that we wanted to talk to him about a job.  Charles called back the next day and when I told him we wanted to hire him, his response made my heart hurt.  He asked me “How much is this going to cost, sir?” I told him that he had paid more than enough to which he thanked me and would talk to his wife (Dawn).

We were afraid that we would never hear from him again but he was a man of his word and called me two days later and told me that he had spoken with his wife but she wanted to know how much was this going to cost.  That’s when I knew this poor guy thought this was some “get rich quick scam” and we had to go up and meet him and his family.  Unless they met us, he would never believe that we didn’t want anymore from him than a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay and to get him working for Kelly Car Buyer, asap.

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