dateline, 7PM EDT, 6PM CDT

The day arrives and admittedly we have been caught up in this 15 minutes of fame that we never planned or lobbied for, but our kids have been excited and it’s been kind of infectious. Everyone in town who has heard about it, has been congratulating us and all we keep saying is: “thank you and do you know anyone who can hire a veteran?” Well we are amazed at how many people we know that said yes.  ‘How do we find them?  Do you have anyone who is a veteran looking for a job?”

Sue and I are pinching ourselves and wondering if these people are just patronizing us or do you think we could hold their feet to the fire if we knew any veterans looking for a job.  We called the VFW and asked if they know of anyone looking for a job but I quickly realized that I was looking in the wrong place. We went online and found some wonderful sites with large numbers of jobs posted and thought this would be a great idea and Justin pointed me to the job fairs that NBC is sponsoring for all these folks.  We were really encouraged and hoped we did some little part in raising recognition but let’s be realistic; NBC has gone to great lengths to try and match Corporations with Veterans in need of a job and we’re just a couple or people caught up in the effort.

So, Dateline airs and our kids called and friends sent us text messages and it was really a feel good moment for us. Suzy lamented her chin and I tried to figure out who that large man was that was sitting next to her.  We then had some dinner and walked down to our computers.

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