Three Years of Business Growth Consulting

Charles WeaverWell the last three years have been eventful, but in a good way.  We have hired more veterans and seen several move on to new careers and we are tickled to report that all have gone on to better places and grown immensely.  The soldier that started all this; Charles Weaver is now a Monroe County Deputy Veterans Service Officer!  I spoke to him a couple months ago and he said that it’s the greatest job he has ever had.  “He gets to help veterans get all their benefits every day”.  We’re so proud to know him and call Charles and his wife; Dawn our friends.

We have expanded our business reach and are now doing a lot of business growth consulting and helping businesses all over the country.  The advanced methods in marketing have afforded us the ability to target the exact type of person who is most apt to be looking for our clients’ services and at the time that they are searching.   I guess it’s time to build out the site and officially start growing the consulting arm.  It’s a service that comes with all the benefits of 45 years being self employed and I can do it from anywhere in the world as Sue and I start to do a little more traveling in the winter as Chicago gets a little tougher on us.  We are now looking for a new office in Florida for January through the first of April.  We are also actively searching for a couple young people who can take over a lot of the work in the next several years. We may have found one this past week!

Approachment is a service we’ve been providing for more than 10 years now.  It’s where we monitor clients’ websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and chat with their web visitors on their terms and when they want collecting as much information as they want to share.  We generate quality leads for clients and this simple software (that we invented back 18 years ago) provides a place for people who are just too scared to pick up the phone and call an attorney or doctor sometimes.  Some of the best cases are gotten through this type of service.  We facilitate your prospective client to speak to you in a non-threatening way and the other advantage is that we are there at all hours so that a prospect can always find someone to chat with when they find the need.  I’ve really never marketed this service and have gotten all of our clients through referral, but we will grow this company as we move on to a new stage in our careers.

I will expand on our newest companies and their services as the days go by and I begin writing again.  It’s something that I miss sharing with you folks.  Thanks for the time and don’t hesitate to write or comment as this grows.

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