Wednesday Slowed Down a Bit

Yesterday we finally caught our breath and could catch up with all the emails and requests for interviews and offers to join several other folks out there doing some wonderful things for veterans and totally unsolicited.  We heard from Dave Ferguson who, along with a few friends raised $30,000 last year from a golf outing and donated it for the treatment of PTSD.

Sue spoke to a lady that takes soldiers out on boat rides to lift their spirits.  Jamie Dimon was interviewed and said that JPM was hiring about 10 veterans a day.  Comcast and NBC Universal committed to hiring 1000 veterans over the next three years.  NBC has really spent a lot of time and money on raising awareness for these veterans. I know I sound like I’ve drank the Kool Aid but you have to take your hats of to them for their efforts!   The Chamber of Commerce has a goal of hiring 500,000 veterans by 2014.  Hopefully, we can keep this issue alive.

I’ll try to catch up on work today because tomorrow may get busy again.  We’re hearing that The Northwest Herald is going to publish something about NBC’s story and Tom Brokaw’s visit to Crystal Lake sometime over the weekend.


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