Admiral Mike Mullen and Robin Hood

We got an invitation Friday from Admiral Mullen that started off like this:

On Monday, May 7, Robin Hood—the leading poverty fighting group in New York City—will host a full-day conference aboard the Intrepid Museum in Manhattan, dedicated to addressing the unprecedented challenges that face today’s returning veterans. We will address the fact that 18 veterans commit suicide every day, and our youngest veterans have an unemployment rate that soars above 29%. We are committed to finding the solutions that will provide meaningful jobs and the highest quality health care for our returning servicemen and women. They deserve no less.

Eighteen suicides a day?  My God that is a lot!  Sue and I will be going to find out if there is anything we can do, but more importantly this should bring to light that a lot of these veterans have feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and despair.  I’m sure there are a myriad of causes but there has to be a way to ease the rate of Vets killing themselves.

We’ll go to work to see how we can find some more of these returning veterans a job.  We are open to any comments or suggestions.  Please help.

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