Sunday’s Northwest Herald

We woke up this morning to see the Northwest Herald had written a lovely article about Charles Weaver and the events that led to him working with us at Kelly Car Buyer.  The nice thing about the article is the emails that we have received so far this morning asking for help hiring veterans.  We also received an email from a fellow on disability NOT from the military but he wants to volunteer to help get these kids a job. It really has been heartwarming to hear from so many people wanting to help.  We need to find a way to  embrace all these folks and create a way for them to help when and how they can.

We also got a great email this morning from a gentleman who wants to hire some veterans for one of his companies.  Thank you Mr. G!  Here was his email:

Hi Mr. & Mrs. Costigan,

I saw your segment on Dateline NBC and want to say how very impressed I was about your efforts to hire veterans.  You and your wife were right on target.

I too have several businesses, one of which I am preparing to hire and could use a similar workforce.  I am launching an over 50 magazine shortly and have openings in several areas.  How would I go about engaging local veterans?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

We all need to give back to the great men & women of our county for protecting us from harm’s way.


Glenn M. G



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