New Technology Writes Content That Scares Me

We’ve been in development for the better part of a year creating a thing we affectionately call “A Brain”.  This new technology writes content.  We have developed it in it’s sixth iteration to write content at the level you choose.  If you’d like it written at a college level, you need only to hit the drop down box and make the indication.  If you’d like it to write at an 8th grade level, you need only to ask.

The catch is that it is a brain.  So, you first must teach it.  We add dozens of articles that are in the same genre, then we add hundreds of long and short tail terms into it and then after the “brain” has gotten enough “weight”, we let is start writing.  it will write a page for every search term that you loaded into it.

Load All The Copy That You Want it To Learn

If you load 1000 terms, then you will have a 1000 page website that will eventually score for hundreds and hundreds of terms.  Our several tests Have proven that this “brain” works and that Google is sufficiently happy enough with the content that it is ranking pages all over the web.  We are excited and yet I fear that we will eliminate the need for a copywriter which may sound exciting but where do we go from here?

I am not so reticent that we won’t begin marketing this amazing technology, but what we may very well do is start building these huge websites for let’s say a dentist in a city and then maybe put up this site where the entire site will have a popup which could be a lead generator or even a home page graphic that sends you to the same page for whatever term you search.

I can’t begin to imagine what this “Brain” will be able to do but it is sure fun thinking about how many verticals you can use it in.  Automotive to plastic surgery and attorneys to plumbers.  If the customer is serious about dominating a vertical in their city, town or state, this technology will give them all they can handle.

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