Sparta And The Weavers

We arrived at the Weaver’s home about 3PM and nobody was home.  Sue and I sat out front wondering if they didn’t take us seriously and thought we may not show.  We took a ride around town for about 20 minutes and looked at the big bike in the middle of town and then drove back to see if anyone was home.

When we returned, there was Charles and Chase in the garage talking about his soccer practice.  Dawn followed a bit later and we sat down to convince him that we were serious and wanted him to work with us.  The next problem was that the VA had just offered Charles a job being a maintenance man at the hospital and Dawn leaned toward the security of Charles working for a concern that was a sure thing.

So, Charles went to work for the Veteran’s Administration and we went home with the old; “We gave it a shot”.  We did tell them both that the offer stood for the foreseeable future because we weren’t looking to fill a position.  We came looking for Charles.


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