The Call Came

Three weeks went by and we never forgot about Charles, but we knew that as every day went by, we had a less and less of a chance that he’d ever take the leap to working with us. We spoke to him a couple times during those weeks but it was pretty clear that he hated the job but had resolved to his fate.  The thing we had going for us, we came to find out later was that Charles was in such pain every day that when he got home, he was almost crippled from his workload.

Then one day the call came in and I’ll never forget what Charles said.  “Sir, I began in the military shoveling poop and here I am 21 years later and I’m back shoveling poop in a psyche ward of the hospital.”  Well the rest you can figure out.

Charles began working for Kelly Car Buyer in mid-September and has been a real asset to the company and all of us whom he touches, but this is only the beginning of what was to happen next.

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